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To assist the manufacturer of isolation clothing, Wenling Ouying Machinery Co., Ltd. has started con

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At 10 o'clock in the morning of January 29, in the production workshop of Wenling Ouying Machinery Co., Ltd., a few workers were sitting sporadically, debugging the machine. In the empty factory building, there was no laughter and conversation, only the sound of the machine running for a long time.



"In the production process of protective clothing, we need to use our machine to heat seal with rubber strips to ensure airtightness." Wang Xianglin, general manager of Ouying Machinery Co., Ltd., told reporters that since January 27, the factory has successively received The orders from Henan and other provinces and cities' protective clothing manufacturers hope that they will resume production as soon as possible and deliver a batch of medical protective clothing heat-sealing machines as soon as possible to increase the production capacity of medical protective clothing. "After obtaining the approval to resume work, we will immediately put into production and strive to ship as soon as possible." Wang Xianglin introduced that Ouying Machinery is located on Square Road in Ruoheng Town. It is a garment machinery manufacturer and has been engaged in the production of various protective clothing, biochemical clothing and rescue tents. The seamless heat-sealing machinery for material side strips is more than 10 years, belonging to a special production industry. In the current special period when there is a general shortage of medical protective clothing across the country, they have the responsibility to stand up and overcome the difficulties together.

As the only manufacturer of such equipment in our city, Wang Xianglin is well aware of the heavy responsibility. "Our company specializes in the production of heat sealers for medical protective clothing. Now we need to provide equipment to protective clothing manufacturers. We need to resume work in advance. To contribute to this epidemic, relevant departments are requested to agree to resume work." On January 28, Wang Xianglin told relevant departments of Ruoheng Town Put forward a request for resumption of work. After receiving Wang Xianglin's application, Ruoheng Town moved quickly and immediately applied to the relevant municipal departments for the enterprise to resume work, and received attention and approval. Lin Zhenhui, director of the Economic Development Office of Ruoheng Town, told reporters that in accordance with the epidemic prevention requirements and on the basis of ensuring its resumption of work, Ruoheng Town urgently deployed more than 100 masks and disinfection supplies for the company, and required all employees involved in the production to do it twice a day. Body temperature detection and disinfection treatment. At the same time, actively provide relevant assistance to effectively solve the practical difficulties of the enterprise in the production process.


Disinfectants, thermometers, and masks are all ready, waiting for workers to return to work.

"Work officially started at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and only 4 or 5 employees arrived." Wang Xianglin said, because it is the Spring Festival holiday and most of the employees in the factory are from other provinces, only some local employees can resume work in time. There is a shortage of personnel. Larger. "Because the factory produced a batch of machines before the Spring Festival, we can arrange to leave the factory as soon as possible." At present, the employees on duty are mainly performing performance debugging of the stock machines before they leave the factory. Only about 60 machines can be shipped as soon as possible, and there are also semi-finished products. About 150 units, but there is a shortage of PLC controllers. "The market price of a heat sealing machine for medical protective clothing is generally around 15,000 yuan. But this time, I will not negotiate the price with the other party and ship it first. The medical protective clothing manufacturers in the front are rushing to work overnight to supply hospitals in the epidemic area. We can't use it!" Wang Xianglin said, according to the operating speed of the heat sealer, the temperature requirements are also different. They need to go through various performance parameters before they can leave the machine. "Still contacting employees urgently, there may be 7 or 8 workers coming to work one after another, but there is still a shortage of technical personnel." Due to the shortage of personnel, Wang Xianglin had to go to battle in person and step up debugging of the machines waiting to be delivered. "Tear off without sticking, and the tape coating can stick to the protective clothing intact, which meets the factory requirements." Technician Luo Saizhen said that it takes at least one and a half months for a machine to go from raw materials to finished products.


Due to the shortage of workers, the boss personally went to the battle to adjust the laminating machine, so that the laminating machine reached the appropriate speed and temperature, so that the manufacturer could start producing medical isolation clothing immediately after the arrival of the goods.

"Be careful on the road! Be sure to deliver these heat sealing machines on time..." On the afternoon of January 29, the first batch of 10 medical protective clothing heat sealing machines will be sent to a medical protective clothing manufacturer in Anhui. Before leaving, Wang Xianglin repeatedly told the driver. "Next, we will send the machine to them as soon as possible in accordance with the needs of the protective clothing manufacturers to support the front line of the epidemic." In recent days, the medical protective clothing heat sealing machine produced by Ouying Machinery Factory will also They have been shipped out successively and sent to medical protective clothing manufacturers in Anhui, Henan, Jiangxi and other places to help the "epidemic war."


The manufacturer needs more than 100 sets of equipment, but the current inventory is only about 50 sets, and we have to wait for the accessories factory to send related accessories.

The crisis presents even more the unity and love of the Chinese people. It is reported that during the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, there was a shortage of protective clothing and rescue tents in the earthquake-stricken areas. Wang Xianglin also stepped up to produce more than 200 heat-sealing machines that can be used in the production of protective clothing and tents to support the disaster areas. "Only a small part is settled, and the other equipment costs are treated as charity donations. As long as they can do a little bit for the people in the disaster area, it is worth it." In the face of disasters and epidemics, Wang Xianglin did not care about personal gains and losses, and dared to challenge.

The epidemic is terrible, and unity is invincible. Yang Zhenhua, member of the Ruoheng Town Party Committee and deputy mayor, said that in the current "epidemic war", I hope that entrepreneurs like Wang Xianglin can participate. Only if everyone works together to overcome the difficulties, I believe that this "epidemic war" will be won as soon as possible.

In addition, due to the sharp increase in the demand for medical protective clothing, in order to speed up the production of protective clothing manufacturers' orders and increase production capacity, Ouying Machinery Co., Ltd. is now recruiting 7-8 skilled workers for mechanical and electrical installation from the city. In Wenling City, workers who are skilled in the installation of machinery and electrical appliances can call 13566663133 (or 0576-86833339) for consultation.


Due to the shortage of workers, the boss personally went to the battle to debug the laminating machine, so that the laminating machine reached the appropriate speed and temperature, so that the manufacturer could start producing medical isolation suits immediately after the goods arrived.



Debug the glue press.



Debug the glue press.



Debug the glue press.



The worker is debugging.


Workers are cleaning and disinfecting inventory equipment.